Spiritual Awakening in 21 Days

It caused quite a sir, my ebook, Spiritual Awakening in 21 Days.

Not everyone was impressed.

And it alienated some from my current work, which I feel is a shame.

There was a reason for the title which I’m going to explain….

The thing is that people are set in their ways.

Like me.

Spiritual Awakening in 21 Dayd Ebook

How we commit to a a particular tradition

There I was practising Buddhism for 25 years within the same institution, believing we had all the answers, believing we were ‘better’ than everyone else….

But when did I choose that Buddhist movement?

Was it at the height of my Buddhist knowledge? Was it when knew all about the various traditions? Was it when I was well informed about all the  alternative practices and paths?

Erm, well….. no….

It was when I was getting started, when I knew pretty much nothing about Buddhism or any spiritual path.

When I had the least knowledge of anything really, as far as spirituality goes.

How we get stuck 

And that seems to me to be what happens.

We get involved in something, quite possibly something quite beneficial and ‘good’.

But we commit when we are least informed about that decision.

And then we get stuck there.

Waiting for the promised results to arrive at some point in the future, if only we do as we are told.

And therein, we close ourselves to other opportunities that might just help.

And take us to our destination in a quicker and more effective way.

The interrupt

So what is needed is an interrupt.

Something to break the pattern.

That can come as adversity as it did with me:

An illness A death. A separation. And so on.

Or it can come as a message that stands out from the rest. 

Perhaps because of its boldness and brazenness.

That was what I was trying to do.

Lightening Strike - Spiritual Awakening

Appealing to the Seeker

Because to appeal to the seeker who believes that awakening is something that happens in the next life or beyond, you need to break that view.

You need something so preposterous

So contrary to what they believe to be true

That they will stop.

And take notice.

Of course some will smirk. And pass you by.

But others will read it.

Just because of its outlandishness.

And then something within them, just might say.

Well maybe, just maybe, ‘I have got it wrong!’.

And, ‘Why don’t I give this a try!’

Screw Limitation

Of course I don’t really need to explain to anyone why I wrote the title the way I did. But there is something within me that is calling out for clarity.

Clarity between me and myself.

And there is something in me which is shouting screw you if you don’t like my title. Or the way I lead my life. Or what I have to say.

Screw you and your notions of what is spiritual. Of what is authentic. And how you are supposed to behave.

Screw you to limitation and prescribed ways of being in this world.

And to ideas of what I should and should not be. Or am allowed to do.

And hello to this new raw energy: a fearlessness to be myself, whatever that may look like.

No matter who might take offence.


Wishing you well,


p.s. I learned the concept of ‘the interrupt’ on a marketing course. It was an amazing course and it felt like a spiritual experience in itself. You can access that course here for $100: The One Funnel Away Challenge. That’s an affiliate link by the way.

4 thoughts on “Spiritual Awakening in 21 Days”

  1. Beautifully said. I hav e had several interrupts. They all were steps forward in retrospect. I may have to read your book.

  2. I get it – – –
    “to appeal to the seeker who believes that awakening is something that happens in the next life or beyond, you need to break that view.”

    And so the title of your book does that.

    I appreciate you writing this post to explain where you were coming from and that the title chose you…..
    I celebrate you putting yourself out there Sagara.

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