Parenting Styles Ultimate Guide

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Smartblogger Course Work Final Assessment


To write a rankable article for Page One of Google based on the keywords of “Parenting Styles”

There is quite a bit of competition for this keyword, so correct use of SEO will be needed to rank.

I also needed to position the article in order to appeal to a segment of the potential audience.


The first thing I did was to have a look around. Let’s see who else is gunning for that keyword “parenting styles”, and who’s making a success of it.

I determined word count, subjects to cover, writing style, type of images, and so on.

I then created an SEO optimised blog post that contained everything the reader, and just as importantly Google, wanted to see in that article.

And I made it superior, aesthetically and in terms of content, to ANY other currently on the market.

Note that the headline positions the article. 

It appeals to parents who can already connect their parenting behaviour to their child’s future success (or failure). 

Which of course is their fear (or pain-point) too – that they are somehow damaging their child.

These factors helped create an article capable of ranking for the keywords on Page One of Google – but many more factors come into play to actually make this happen which are (unfortunately) outside of the copywriter’s control.