Cheetos Landing Page (Spec)


Cheetos are a well known brand that make popular snacks. Here they are wanting to increase brand awareness and collect customer information by offering free entry into a sweepstake.


To appeal to men and women in college aged 18–22 who already know and like Cheetos. but have a lot of options when it comes to snack food.

The main aim is to collect email addresses. Secondary aims to share the contest on Facebook and to invite their friends to enter the contest. 

A challenge is to pass the student ‘is this cool (enough to share with my friends)’ test, which requires an ability to emphasise, and an understanding of the student mind.


I was a student once (or twice! Or was it three times!) I remember the jokes about having no food, of being poor, and the passing round of hacks to save money – so you could go out on a Friday night.

What these guys need is a non-corporate voice. They need something bold and humourous. Something they’d be happy to show their friends.

I used uppercase characters in line with the brand. It’s like we’re shouting it out (COME AND GET SOME CHEETOS!)  And I made the copy short and snappy to energise the message and drive it home. 

I even threw a joke in there about an empty fridge!

Finally, I posed a question to meet the secondary objective of sharing the competition. The aim was to humanise the copy and appeal to the emotional heart of the reader.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to make Chester smile?