Macy’s Email Promo (Spec)


Macy’s is America’s Department Store, an iconic brand and retail industry leader.


To target men aged 28–45, with household incomes of £50k+, who may buy one or two sweaters for themselves each year. They are motivated by savings and convenience, as well as by style.

The challenge is to create enough desire so that they are willing to go to their nearest store on the date of the event. And that they will not forget after they close the page.


Let me tell you (for full disclosure), I’m the kind of guy that ‘d be lucky to buy 2 sweaters a year. So apart from my age, I’m close to the target audience. I ain’t got much time, so you’re going to have to do something special if you want to get me off of reading those football scores.

Macy’s tone is quiet and spacious yet attractive and bold – so i figured I’d keep the words to a minimum. But I’d make them punchy and bold with a major benefit to get their attention – and to create enough desire to hook their interest.

I divided the copy into sections (cos boy do I know long sections of text are difficult to read) – with a benefit highlighted in each one. 

I also repeated the ‘Up to 40% Off’ benefit throughout all sections. Cos that’s a major saving!

Because if they’re anything like me with buying sweaters, they’re likely to forget – I took the opportunity with the CTA to add a calendar reminder to help them remember.