Doordash Landing Page (Spec)


 Doordash: an American company that operates an online food ordering and food delivery platform


To create a landing page for small, independently owned restaurants that are not yet DoorDash Partners. 

They already offer takeout and have a loyal following of core customers, but are skeptical of new technology and services.

They also have limited time to explore such options so need some reassurance this isn’t going to be a big commitment in terms of time for them.


In a past life (about 15 years ago) I co-ran a Chinese takeaway. So I know bit about this target customer. It’s a generalisation, but most fast food owners work long and unsociable hours for one reason. Money.

Increased profits and time saved are key benefits that will be attractive to this customer. That’s why of the three sections I created, two are money focussed. And feature a no-messing, no-fluff, direct as hell, pitch to them.

The third section stresses the ease of signup as technology – which is probably their major hurdle. Overcome that objection and we’re rocking and rolling all the way to the signup form.

Speaking of objections, I provided some reassurance with a secondary CTA that provided a chance to talk if they still had concerns.

Overall, the copy was clear, concise and to the point. And it reflects the efficiency and ease of the service DoorDash were offering.