Johnson’s Baby Conditioner (Spec)


Johnson’s Baby: an American brand of baby products and skin care products owned by Johnson & Johnson.


To target parents of young children aged 0–2 years looking to purchase the highest quality products for their children with Johnson’s Baby Conditioner.

The aim is to get them to visit the Johnson’s Baby website to learn more about the product and download a coupon to purchase it.

The challenge is to grab their attention and to stand out in a market flooded with natural baby products. Also to get them to spend the time to download the coupon today. 


As a parent (I have two of the little terrors), I know just how quickly they grow up. And just how quickly those precious intimate moments will fade away.

The target audience here loves their child. They know how precious those moments can be.

And they also know from experience, how easily such moments can descend into being a nightmare if something goes wrong (like painful irritated eyes).

Johnson’s brand voice is soft and nurturing, just how you’d speak to your little one(s). It is not complicated or academic in any way.

I therefore used minimal words, but with a nurturing message of caring for and supporting children.

I emphasised the stress-free, precious moments that could be enjoyed with the product – seeking to create a vision of the experience in the reader’s mind. 

I also placed the price offer on the CTA button to encourage immediate action to save money today.

I mean money’s not really an object when choosing the right bathing product for your kids. But who doesn’t want to save a penny or two when the opportunity’s there!