Awakened Secrets Email Sequence


Awakened Secrets – website and blogging on the subject of Awakening.


To create a sequence of emails that created suspense and kept the reader wanting more, thus opening the next email. 

Plus to incorporate secondary CTAs with links to affiliate sites.


I ramped up the intensity with this email sequence, using a very personal narrative with true life-story events, and adding in a fair amount of drama.

Each email was linked to the next, and ended on leaving the reader wanting more, creating a soap-opera type sequence.

By disclosing such personal information, the reader was able to enter into a more personal and trusting relationship with the blogger, which would benefit both going forward.

Most emails used a ‘p.s.’ with a call to action (the buttons are not visible in the PDF!)

Just to blow my own trumpet a bit, the blogger had a fair amount of people approach him directly about this sequence – to tell him how good it was!