About Me

(What You Need To Know)

Sagara Citta

Strange name, huh? 

The truth is it’s not my birth name. I was given it when I got ordained as a Buddhist on a Spanish mountain some 30 years ago.

I’m not doing the shaven-headed robe thing now. Instead, I am on a secret mission to help people achieve world domination through expanding their brand.

(Or at least get them a little more recognition and sales!)

That is what I can do for you.

I can help get your message out there. In a way that people understand.

In a way that gets them to STOP! And think:

“Yeah, I GET what this guy (or gal, or company) is saying! That makes sense to me. I’m gonna go ahead and buy!”

The message you deliver to your customer matters. To get it working for you, click the button and get in touch!