Keep Your Clients Coming Back for More

By cultivating a deeper ongoing relationship.

Why Email Marketing Rocks

With email marketing, the user gives you their email address and says you can send them information. That means they like you! Or what you have to offer!

It’s like they’re holding the door wide open and beckoning you to come in.

66% of businesses say they use email marketing to promote their business or communicate with their (potential) customers. 

They’re not doing that because they have a fetish for sending emails ( “I just love sending emails, me!”). They’re doing it because it works.

It’s a low cost, highly efficient way of you developing relationships of integrity and trust.

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Email Marketing

What Email Marketing Will Do For You?

Build Relationships

You keep showing up, again and again, solving their problems. And they love you for it!

Develop Trust

They're getting to know you bit by bit. And they trust you because you've never let them down.

Targeted Messages

Your messages are so on point, they think you have the power to read their minds.

Reduced Cost

You get to market to your subscribers for pretty much zilch. No more paying Facebook!

Drive Revenue

You got that pool of people hanging on every word - just waiting to buy when your offer is right.

Owning Data

If Facebook (or whoever) goes down tomorrow, no big deal - cos you own your own data.

Questions People Ask

Totally. Because the user actually gives you permission to send them emails. That means they’re interested in you and what you have to offer. 

Once they’ve given you their email address, you can effectively send them an email whenever you want for free. You can save time on this by automating it all using an autoresponder (which is pretty cheap to do).

Nope, it’s simple. You can easily figure it out, and your web designer probably knows how to do it. You might want to consider a copywriter though (shameless plug) to make those emails you send out effective.

A Welcome Sequence is the series of (a few) emails that you initially send after signup – usually in a shorter timeframe than the more ‘regular’ emails that’ll follow. It’s like an onboarding process into your brand. If you do it right, you could have a follower for life! 

The thing about Social media is that someone else controls your data. So what are you going to do if they decide to charge you to post tomorrow? Plus when you do post, they control that post’s reach. And you do have to pay them to boost that reach.

As well as being cheap, owning your own data, being relatively easy to do, and having a huge ROI, you can automate it (which means you can earn money while you’re playing with your kids, or holidaying in the Italian mountains.)

Yes, of course (not biased at all). Because there is a skill to gaining and keeping attention, creating engagement, conveying the correct message in an inspiring way, and ultimately asking for the sale. Even getting people to open your emails is a skill in itself.

It's kind of like this

In normal life, relationships don’t just happen! You gotta turn up again and again. And put the effort in!

It’s the same way with email marketing. You gotta turn up in that  Inbox again and again.

Then one day, when they’re looking for the service you supply, the first person they’re going to think about is you.

Let’s make you that problem solving authority in your reader’s life. Click the button below and we’ll talk.


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