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Spiritual Awakening in 21 Dayd Ebook
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The Awakened Secrets Interviews

Surya (aka The Happy Buddha) is an author of several books on Mindfulness, co-starter of The Mindfulness and Compassion MSc at Coventry University, and more recently the ‘Buddha in the Kitchen’ Youtube Channel. He also runs his own Mindfulness Consultancy Business.

Cover Joe Gagliano

Joe Gagliano is a fire code consultant and a retired firefighter and paramedic. He was raised a Roman Catholic, but investigated several traditions and spiritual paths, including Scientology, theĀ  Unity Church, A Course in Miracles and various Eastern religions and philosophies.

Dr Liz Sparkes is co-founder and Director of the MSc in Mindfulness and Compassion at Coventry University. She also runs her own business offering mindfulness, Reiki and focussing services, as well as being a fully certified spiritual coach.

Kay Nieminem is a long time spiritual practitioner, a Facilitator and Guide on the Liberation Unleashed Forum, an online Direct Pointing Forum which points to the realisation that you are not the person who you take yourself to be. 

In 2017, Renu had a life-changing accident, along with a Near-Death-Experience in which she was hit by a bus and dragged under its wheel. Here we hear the amazing story of how these events took place, and the change in her life that followed.