About this Course

One of the greatest lessons you will learn here is that trying to achieve happiness by “getting what you want” is actually limiting your happiness

You end up struggling with life instead of experiencing it.

True happiness comes only when your inner energy is free to flow.  And that unhampered flow is, indeed, the goal of this course.

We will see that the most effective personal growth technique is to use life to remove your inner blockages, not compensate for them.

In this course, you’ll learn about your true relationship to the world unfolding around you and to the thoughts and emotions arising within you.

But most importantly, you will come into touch with the real “you”—the indwelling consciousness that is witnessing it all.  

The intention of this course is to change your entire perspective of life. Every session will challenge you to go beyond yourself.

Living from a Place of Surrender is the first ever online course with Michael A. Singer, New York Times bestselling author.

The 'Living from a Place of Surrender ' Course includes:

Eight transformational video-learning sessions
with the author of The Untethered Soul - more than nine hours of intensive teachings over eight weeks  
A private online journal and questions for reflection
giving you powerful and effective tools for integrating the teachings from the course into your daily life

Who is Michael A Singer...?

Michael A. Singer has been a spiritual teacher for more than four decades and has written two books: the #1 New York Times bestseller The Untethered Soul and the New York Times bestseller The Surrender Experiment. 

He is also the creator of a leading-edge software package that transformed the medical practice management industry, and founding CEO of a billion-dollar public company whose achievements are archived in the Smithsonian Institution. 

 While working on his doctorate in economics in 1971, Michael experienced a deep inner awakening and went into seclusion, focusing on yoga and meditation. 

Michael Singer

 In 1975, he founded the yoga and meditation center known as Temple of the Universe, where people have come together to practice and study ever since. 

 In addition to his work as a spiritual teacher, Michael has made major contributions in the areas of business, education, health care, and environmental protection.

Living from a Place of Surrender comes with a one-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can explore this life-changing material with no risk.


The Course Includes THREE
FREE Bonuses

“The Untethered Soul at Work: Ten Teachings to Transform Your Work Life”
Michael A. Singer presents ten practical audio sessions for applying the insights in his bestselling book within the context of business and the office environment. 
“Spiritual Activism: The Path of Accepting and Serving Reality”
Many of us at this time feel called to engage in social activism. Yet where do we begin? In this 43-minute audio teaching, Michael discusses the intersection of spirituality and activism, the power of acceptance, seeing things clearly, and more.
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When you purchase the Living from a Place of Surrender online course, the Sounds True Foundation will donate one free course membership to an individual who wouldn’t otherwise have access.

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Experience the Path of Spiritual Surrender

Let go of chronic anxiety and stress through the art and practice of personal surrender
Shift from a noisy mind to a beautiful mind that works for you instead of against you
Clear negative emotions and inner blockages to return to your true power
Transform the way you interact with others by discovering who we are in our most essential nature
Open to the wisdom that life itself is waiting to share with you
Experience the natural effulgence of well-being that arises when you decide to open your heart