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Do You Want Your Page to Just Look Good
OR Do You Want Your Page to Sell?

Structuring a page, and filling it with copy that engages and inspires - that's a different ballgame altogether!!


Many visitors will want to buy from you. You just need to show them how.

What My Customers Have to Say

My website already looked beautiful and I wasn’t sure 

“Sagara’s copywriting skills are beyond measure, demonstrating a deep understanding of the topic and the message I wanted to put out. I received several compliments on the quality of the text, as well as the look and feel of the page.”

Julianne Eanniello
The Kiloby Centre

“I wasn’t sure our users would go online, but Sagara’s Landing Pages created a buzz around our online activities, and bringing people together (when they most needed it) during the Covid pandemic.”

Kim Dobson
Sunderland Recovery College 

“My website looked beautiful but I didn’t fully realise the importance of structure. After talking with Sagara I came to see just how essential this was and have now made changes to allow my readers to better understand the benefits of what I am offering. “

Lorraine Atkinson
North East Reiki Academy

Why Your Landing Page Needs to Be Special

Did you know: Most landing pages convert only 2.35% of visitors...

By Sagara:

Here’s the problem. Whilst many businesses employ the use of sales pages to make the sale, they experience low-conversion rates like the figure above.

That means for about every 100 visitors they get to their site, less than three people buy from them.

Imagine a shop where you only got two sales every 100 visitors…. It wouldn’t survive.

What if I told you there was a way of structuring your sales page so that you can 10x that figure?

What if I told you there was a way of writing the copy that could leave your visitor ready and waiting to buy?

What if I told you this solution pays for itself

And that the money you invest to solve your problem can easily be recouped (and then some) – by the service I am offering you today.

Even if you’re already above that 2% conversion rate, your page can probably do better.

A ‘Sales Page that Sells’ will solve this problem for you.

A 'Sales Page that sells' takes your reader on a journey that's destined for a sale

SPOILER: This is NOT a normal Sales Page - it's based on a proven system that converts readers into customers.

A 'Sales Page that Sells'
is right for you if...

convert your visitors into customers

7 Mistakes Most People Make With a Sales Page

Let me let you into a secret
It’s not that difficult to write a sales page. Most people can do an okay job at it. But okay rarely pays the bills. You need something better. Something spectacular. 

Here’s their problem
People don’t understand the rules. Copywriting has rules – formulas you follow regarding structure. 

And ways of writing words that are preferable – making it easy to read and understand -and more likely you’ll get the sale.


Here's what they tend to get wrong

(Of course we could go on, but there’s enough there to get us started!)

what's the potential cost of not sorting out your sales page?

And carrying on the same way as before

Here’s what happens for most people with this problem:


Guess What Happens Next….?

Which is quickly followed by a sinking feeling in the stomach at the realisation of how much time and effort they have spent to get pretty much zero results!

BUT THERE's a financial cost too

Let's take a moment and do the Math

Let’s say you have just one product or service – where one sale will make you $200, with a profit of $50.

And that a landing page will give you just one extra sale per week (you can’t get much more conservative than that!)

That Landing Page has just made you $10,400 per year, of which $2,600 is profit.

But what if it sold 4 products a week?

You have now just lost $41,600 in revenue, and $10,400 in sales, by not creating your Sales Page that Sells.

That’s the cost of failing to act.


You can choose to do nothing,
or YOU CAN choose to act

10 Benefits a 'Sales Page that Sells' will Give You

Which you also lose if you choose to do nothing

You will have:



Like it's suddenly become the authority on copywriting

You know the drill. You’re thinking this may be a good idea. I mean the benefits stack up, right?

And you kind of like the idea of those extra sales. Especially if instead of paying a sales rep, you’re Sales Page is doing all the hard work for you!

But the mind kicks in and starts to convince you otherwise. It suddenly knows all there is to know about copywriting. And it focuses on its fears rather than the positive outcomes copywriting can bring.

Here’s the thing about the mind

Those thoughts you are thinking – they aren’t original. We all have them.

Everyone who needs to make a decision gets this obsessive onslaught from the mind.

But, just like when you’re young you need to break free of your over-protective parents, so it is with the mind. 

You can let it keep you ensnared – in the known and habitual (where it feels most comfortable).

Or you can break free into the unknown.

Into a world of increased sales and increased money in your back pocket.

Breaking free can be scary

But it’s the only way to really change. Otherwise you just stay stuck. Exacltly where you are right now. 


who is this sagara guy anyway?

And what brought him to copywriting?

Sagara Citta Headshot

Years ago, as a self-employed as a mindfulness practitioner, I struggled for clients. And I noticed that others were having the same problem.

So much skill was being wasted. So many people who needed help weren’t being reached.

I spent hours on my website making it look good. My logo itself was a work of art. But none of this helped.

It became my mission to solve this problem. I studied SEO and paid to get people to my site. But this didn’t convert into sales.

Until I finally changed the words. The copy. That’s when clients started to appear.

And that’s when I caught the copywriting bug. And decided to help others to do the same.


And not your distant cousin (or the guy two doors down)

You may be convinced that you need to improve the words on your website. But why work with me?

Let’s cut to the chase:



That people are going to engage with my copy and continue to read down your page

It’s going to sound like a gimmick but I am going to ask you to seriously consider this:

You made it this far didn’t you?

I mean, you could have given up by now, but you’re still reading right? I’ve got your attention, yes…?

As an old famous lady once said: “The proof is in the pudding.”

So, aside from all the testimonials, what other proof could you need?

HERE's what will HAppen when
you take action

Here's My Simple 7 Step Process

To get Your Sales Page up and running and raring to go.


Fill in your name, number, email and website in the form at the bottom of this page


I'll get back to you within 48 hours (excluding weekends) to arrange a time for us to meet


We'll meet (usually on Zoom) to go over your requirements and scope of the project


I'll quote you for the project within 24 hours


We'll meet again and iron out a project brief - and here I'll be collecting valuable information to use on the page


I'll produce a draft outline of the copy in 'wireframe' form - so you can see the suggested placement on the page and review with your designer


I'll produce the final copy based on your feedback from the draft.

with my satisfaction guarantee

Which is me saying that getting great copy onto your page is my number one priority.


I'll review and make changes to your copy up to 3 times to make sure it meets your needs

Let's get those remaining questions
out of the way


After all, we're just getting to know each other

So Here’s What Most People Ask:

What if I have no traffic to my site?

A Sales Page does not bring traffic to your site. A Sales Page converts traffic into sales. However copywriting can help to get traffic to the page – and any advert that does this should be in alignment with the page. This is something we can discuss.

Does copywriting include the sales page design?

Copywriting is all about the magical words that get your visitors to buy. It does not include the design -though you will receive your copy in a wireframe format – with a suggested layout that you can pass to your web designer.

What's the difference between a Landing Page and a Sales Page?

This page uses the terms interchangeably. Both focus on one desired outcome. Generally speaking a Sales Page is focused on the sale, whereas the focus of a Landing Page may be more general, such as collecting someone’s email.

one last thing: probably better not to order from me if...

(Please don't say I didn't warn you)

IT's time to make a decision

To act (and get more sales)....OR
Not to act (and stay exactly where you are)?

That is the question

I know decisions can be difficult to make. So let me ease some of the strain for you.

I’m guessing if you’ve made it this far, there’s at least an inkling of interest?

So how about this….

I want to tell you that I’m actually a fairly relaxed, easy-going guy. I’m not going to put any pressure of you. There’s no hard sell.

So if that interest really is there, why not get in touch.

I’ll get back to you and we’ll have a chat. And try and work out if this is the right next step for you?

Sound like a plan?

Simply fill in the form below and I’ll be in touch. Give me two business days as during weekend and holidays I also work as a taxi driver for my kids!

Here’s to speaking to you soon.

Over and out.


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