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Command Authority with an Awesome Blog Post

Here's how to be the best

You can put hours and hours into producing videos and blog posts to show people how good you are at what you do. But all too often it comes back with nothing. Which sucks!

An Ultimate Blog Post is designed with two outcomes in mind.

1. to answer any questions the person searching those keywords would want to be answered, and

2. to let Google know that if someone is searching those keywords, it really should be directing them to you.

There’s still some work to be done behind the scenes to get your post to rank. But get those two things sorted and you should be able to knock the socks off your competitor’s posts.

SEO Optimised Keywords

What The Ultimate Blog Post Will Do For You?

Competitor Research

Whatever they can do, we can (and will) do better.

Keyword Enhanced

Imagine readers searching for exaclty what you're offering.

Dual Purpose

While we're helping them, we're also helping build your authority.

Clear Message

Copy so cool, even a three year old could understand you.

User Focussed

You'll be solving the problem they're currently wrestling with.

Format Friendly

It's going to look so nice and neat and be so easy to read.

Here's how it goes (in a nutshell)

We’re going to find out your reader’s pain point – the reason they’re reading your post. Then we’re going to solve their problem in a way that’s quick and easy for them to understand.

We’ll laden the post with primary and secondary keywords so Google knows you’re an authority on the subject (and cannot resist sending searchers to you!).

Which’ll put you well on the way to establishing authority in your niche.

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