Learn Why Your Website isn't Producing Sales

And Stop Losing Potential Customers

If you have spent your hard-earned money and time getting people to your website, only to check your inbox every day to find no new orders

If you are feeling frustrated, fed up, and at a loss as to how to get your website to convince your potential customers to buythen this message is just for you. 

Here’s why…  

There’s a way your website can easily convert readers into customers…

In fact, while you’re busy doing the stuff you’re passionate about (like serving your customers), your website can be working 24/7 to get you sales.


Why Your Visitors will be Desperate to Buy

Failing websites may get traffic, but if they find your web page confusing, these visitors will likely click the back button quicker than you can say. “I’m really good me, honest!”

Contrast a website that is working for you – where the reader will quickly realise that you have the perfect solution to their problem.

Which ultimately means they are happily going to hand over their money in exchange for the service that you offer.

That means you get increased customers, increased sales, and a big fat juicier bank balance!

And you need to realise, there is a cost to not dealing with this

If You Ignore It, It Just Get's Worse

What most people do when their website isn’t delivering – is to plough more money into SEO, Facebook ads, or website design. But for most people, none of that works. 

  • Trying to get more traffic is papering over the problem and doesn’t address the fact that your website doesn’t convert.
  • It leads you into a numbers game, trying to get more and more traffic in the hope that just a small percentage will convert.
  • It doesn’t get rid of that sinking feeling that your message isn’t really getting through and people aren’t understanding the value of what you have to offer.

 And what happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what youve been doing? 

You just keep getting more and more despondent, doubting yourself and your product – whilst your wallet slowly empties – and other websites siphon off all your potential customers and convert them into sales.

Here's How I Started to Make Sales from my Website​

Back in a former existence, I was a self-employed mindfulness practitioner with my own website. But – like many other practitioners – I struggled to get clients.
I tried everything ro get traffic, just like you.
But one day I realised traffic wasn’t the problem. I was actually losing visitors ON my site.
If I could just convert a decent percentage of those visitors into clients, I’d be making a decent living (whilst helping people in the process).
And I realised people wanted to hire me. It was just that the message and the clarity on my website wasn’t clear enough to convince them to move forward. It didn’t speak to them. It didn’t connect.
So I started learning copywriting. And crafting words that led my website visitors through a process where they came to understand how I could help them. And what they needed to do to get in touch. With immediate results.
And I began to help my friends to do the same.
Sagara Citta Headshot

Finally, It's Your Turn

When you order your Web Page Review you’ll get a screen recording of your’s truly (that’s me!) spending some quality one-to-one time with the pages on your website. I’ll be looking at what works, what doesn’t, and what could be done to improve sales.

Which will help you to understand how to:

Keep readers engaged and on your page

Turn visitors into customers

Boost your website sales

You can watch that recording again and again – to make the appropriate changes to your web page. To turn it into a super-engaging high-converting sales-machine!

Your Video Includes These Six Awesome Benefits

First Impressions

Get an idea of what vibe your site's giving out - even before they begin to scroll your page.

Above the Fold Analysis

Did you nail the top section (above the fold)? That means giving them a reason to stay on the page.

Heading Effectiveness

See if your heading going to engage people to read on. It needs to be on point and benefit driven.

Body Text Assessment

Does your body text support your headings? Is it easy to read and do subheads allow you to skim?

Effectiveness of CTAs

Are your Call To Actions (CTAs) attractive and clear? Do they shout out that they need to be clicked?

Clarity of Messaging

Is your overall message easy to understand? And does it point towards the page's objective?

It Worked For These People, And It Will Work For You

Questions People Ask

It’d basically your’s truly sitting down and devoting some time to your website. That means I’ll check your copy to see if it’s on point, persuasive and clear. And that it leads through to an attractive call to action. I’ll also give you a sense of whether the overall look and structure of the site is working towards the outcome you desire.

It’s the difference between a website that converts traffic and does not. Have a think – how much would you gain per year, if you converted just one extra customer per week.

Sure you can. But it’s notoriously difficult to audit your own copy (it’s too close to home). Plus there are some general rules as to how to make your writing more effective in terms of sales which you may or may not know. 

It’s not a rewrite. That’s a way more time-intensive project. But it will give you a sense of how effective your website is, and what needs to change. Some people do opt for a rewrite instead, or as a solution to what is found in the audit.

You’ll get to see your website with fresh eyes, know what is working and what isn’t and get some ideas on how it could improve. This will likely lead to increased sales down the line.

You don’t need a copywriter to do this but it can definitely help. Most graphic designers lack this area of expertise which is why their brand new funky websites still fail on delivering the required outcome.

It's Your Time To Decide

You have a choice to make: Do what youve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will lead. Is that really where you want to go?

Or take a new action, and get a new result. Finally getting to understand why your website is not producing sales and getting an idea of what you need to do to fix it. 

The choice is yours… 

But if you do want to gain some understanding of what’s stopping those readers from happily giving you their money to solve their problems, get in touch by filling in the form below…

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